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UXO Detection

League Geophysics provides pragmatic and cost-effective solutions in marine magnetometer data processing and analysis.

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Magnetometer data services

  • Data analysis and quality control according to best possible industry standards

  • Creative, reliable solutions for fast and accurate data processing, adjusting work flows as required by the project or survey area

  • Providing information on ferromagnetic occurrences in and on the seabed;

  • Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) target analysis and target list reduction where possible;

  • Localisation of buried objects, (e.g., UXO, cables, pipes, palaeochannels etc.) ​;

  • Interpretation and cross-correlation with other techniques;

  • Technical expertise from years of field expverience;

  • Research and development projects;

  • Additional services can be provided on request.


With our innovative hats we can pinpoint UXO's with a correction of 10 cm.


With our innovative tracks we track UXO's with a correction of 10 cm.

Data Processing and Analysis   

Process flows, set up according to the project requirements, will allow streamlining and efficient data handling of multiple sensor(s) arrays. We pride ourselves on our ability to handle, process and present higher frequency magnetometer data (up to 2 kHz), whether single towed, (transverse) gradiometer, array or gradiometer array setup. Advanced frequency filtering visualises palaeochannels on different depth levels.          
Correct positioning of objects/anomalies is vital to a successful avoidance study or clearance campaign. League Geophysics offers a wide range of state-of-the-art (inhouse developed) post-recording corrections tools to improve unsatisfactory (USBL) positioning.

Based on our extensive geophysical knowledge and our years of experience in UXO target detection, League Geophysics is specialized in reducing the number of potential UXO targets for UXO clearance operations. This reduces operational time, leading to significant cost reductions.  

​Data Formats Delivered to the Client   
Detailed target lists will depict i.e. position, magnetic moment, object description and estimated weight to facilitate data-result interpretation. Individual target reporting is optionally available for ease during subsequent route planning and target identification campaigns.      
GIS based data are made available in industry standard formats for easy integration into existing databases. Metadata can be delivered optionally in the format, required by the project or client.
Magnetometer data is presented in industry standard formats, primarily OASIS montaj® database. Other formats available upon request. 

Other expertises

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