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League Geophysics

League Geophysics offers professional geodata processing and analysis solutions. Our company was founded in 2018 to address the specific demand for high quality data and innovative QC solutions in the survey sector. League-Geophysics strives to be at the forefront of developments in the industry and present itself as a leading data consultant in the field of maritime UXO detection.


Meet the League

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Martin Koelman

Commercial Director

Hungry for closing deals, but can stay human. The projects start with him trying to give our clients the best solution/result for their data/question. With more than 15 years of experience in the field of survey, offshore and oil and gas he has a broad knowledge of the industry. If there’s enough time in a day he is a homebrewer and will enjoy a barrel aged stout.


Michiel Künzel

Director of Innovations

Michiel is our “Q” and head of our Research and Development department, the brains of the company. New innovations and technical wonders start in his department. Connections with universities have been made to share knowledge and to add an intellectual meaning to League Geophysics. While his scripts are running he is a homebrewer who favors a good Tjechiën Double.


Wouter Wester

Production Director

Our reliable all-rounder with more than 15 year experience in the field of survey data acquisition, processing and reporting. Wouter has put the level of quality to a greater extent and is responsible for the deliverables. Besides all his technical interests he is a homebrewer and can enjoy the taste of a good blond.


Puck van der Linden

Head of database - GIS Developer

Multi-tool Van der Linden. Improving everything that needs improvement. Developing custom GIS-Tools and database tools, automating the boring stuff with no room for human error. As Head of our Meme Department she represents the culture of the company. Give her an Amber Ale and private company information might be revealed. 


Tobias Stolz

Head of Seekable - Geophysicist

Sees the matrix truly in it's electromagnetic form. Entrepreneur and Head of Seekable, our daughter company focusing on offshore cable detection. If there is interest drop him a line at or visit Favors a pilsner brewed according to the reinheitsgebot.


Askerhan Burak Şahin


Former field Engineer with Geotechnical background. Now dealing with large chunks of data daily. Askerhan has a great passion for creating maps and visualizing geophysical data. He favors Sours in front of a good view.


Elena Russo


An Italian geologist thriving in the Netherlands. As a structural geology and seismics expert, she enjoys exploring the mysteries beneath the Earth’s surface trying to decipher the geological patterns that shape our world. Besides that, Iceland's breathtaking landscapes, fiery volcanoes, the delicate taste of sushi and good wine hold a special place in her heart.


Hobie van Zadelhoff


As a dedicated geologist and sailor, he charts the course through the intricate waters of geophysical data. Transitioning from the desk to the open sea, he ensures quality and precision in every geophysical venture as "Captain QC". Besides that, he enjoys a long run, a well-crafted IPA, or indulging in his homemade Limoncello.

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