League Geophysics operates in the ports offshore energy and infrastructure markets. These markets anticipate structural growth over the longer term as a result of several key global trends - the growth in world population global trade and the resulting increase in demand for raw materials and energy including sustainable solutions to meet the challenges of climate change.



Offshore Wind is a fast growing market where geophysical knowledge and visualization are key elements for construction and maintenance of a windfarm.


League Geophysics

  • Advises Utilities in setting up tender specifications;

  • Applying quality checks on the existing data sets;

  • Maintaining overview of historical data.

Setting up a workable data infrastructure saves lot of time and future decisions can be made with good consideration.

Involved in the following windfarms




Our combined knowledge in Geophysics and Data management make our products interesting for the Cable Industry

  • Consultants for cable detection

  • Burial Assessments

  • Route Planning

With our inhouse developed software packages we can go interpreted data quicker and with a higher resolution/quality that is now seen as industry standard.

List of involved cable/pipeline trajectories (pop-up)



Data collection start with surveying. League Geophysics has the experience necessary to deliver a high quality product within the time frame. We assist survey companies to deliver high quality deliverables.  

List of survey equipment used by League Geophysics


UXO​ assistance/ target reduction

Hot topic is nowadays the search and discrimination of unexploded ordnances. With many years of experience League Geophysics can distinguish geology from potential targets. Together with cross-correlating multibeam, sidescan sonar and seismic data, target lists can be reduced to a minimum of targets. This will save a lot of time clearing the area.
We work together with UXO consultants who can sign off ALARP certificates.

List of programs used by League Geophysics for UXO-detection




For the construction of ports, inspection of quay walls League Geophysics can assist in

  • Presenting soil conditions and type

  • The presence of cables and pipelines

  • Detecting saturated or hollow spaces

  • Quay wall monitoring

  • Smart-city solutions

  • Metocean data visualisation




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