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In our experience the time/cost efficiency of processing geodata is very under estimated in current offshore projects. Expensive vessels operate using data of poor resolution and basic data visualisation techniques. For most operations it is not even known that the geophysical data analyses and interpretation can be better and valuable vessel time can be saved.


League Geophysics helps setting up the requirement for our clients to make sure they receive the data they require. As a consultant we check the data during acquisition to see if the quality is still met. 

Even if the data is already acquired our expertise can be used to check the data quality and to state if all necessary data for the goal of the project is acquired.


This can be

  • Fixing positioning issues

  • Noise reduction

  • Geotechnical analyses

  • Cable routing

  • Target reduction

  • Cross-correlation

  • 3D velocity models

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Bigger windfarms generate big data packages. League Geophysics presents itself as a big data specialist. Our own scripts and programs make us capable of organising and analysing the geo data quickly. Perform QC and gab analysis to know the quality and completeness of the data set.

General benefits can be found in validating data for:
-Cable lay operations
-UXO projects
-Geotechnical ties with shallow seismic data 

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Our broad range of data analytics and processing enables us to use almost every data format and processing tool available on the market.
End products can be delivered in any required industry standard software package. 

At the start of a project the processing steps are determined and discussed with the client to make sure the best results are being achieved.

If industry standard software cannot guarantee a high end product we make use of our own developed scripts and software. We automate the repetitious steps to minimise the human error. 

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